1 bedroom Apartment Garden View and Balcony

This 1-bedroom apartment features the spacious dimensions typical of late 19th century Parisian architecture. Some details have in fact remained unaltered since that era! From the room’s wide windows, guests can indeed enjoy the smooth comings and goings of the black waistcoated, white-aproned waiters on the Avenue d’Eylau terrace, carrying their trays in the time-honored way. That’s Paris! By contrast, the interior design has opted for a pure, contemporary approach, with a stylized four-poster bed, designer settees and understated furniture. On the living room side, the lush foliage on the Avenue Georges Mandel provides a pleasant green curtain, and if you lean forward a bit you can even give a neighborly wave to the Eiffel Tower!

Entirely at home, with the Eiffel Tower as a neighbor. Free from daily cares, simply feeling good. Allowing yourself to be guided in a discovery of a privileged and intensely private side of Paris. Enjoying behind-the-scenes access to key historical and cultural sites. Organizing exclusive receptions. Spending time as a family or among friends… Your stay in a La Réserve Paris apartment can be modulated in tune with your wishes and experienced with a blend of elegance and simplicity.

We will do everything in our power to personalize your stay with special touches or treats according to your tastes and desires. Feel free to communicate your preferences at the time of booking.